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We specialise in colour grading, editing
and videography.



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In 1642 Abel Tasman explored the vast, uncharted waters of the south on the brig Zeehaen, discovering the islands of Tasmania and New Zealand. Encompassing the calculated, strategic spirit of early exploration, Zeehaen Films endeavors to develop exciting, creative and beautifully presented content. With an emphasis on pre-production, client’s can be satisfied that their vision will be clearly executed as they had envisioned.

With a complete in-house cinematic studio, we can make your project a round-trip from pre to post production.

yes, we do things.

  • Illustration

    Screen Writing

  • Photography

    Directing & Producing

  • Video Production

    Corporate Videography & Editing

  • Web Design

    Animation & Motion Graphics

  • Mobile Aplications

    Colour Grading

  • e-commerce

    DVD Authoring

this is what we do.

Zeehaen Films combine years of experience in videography across commercial, cultural and independent platforms. We are committed to delivering your story with efficiency, innovation and style. Mosey on through our portfolio below to see exactly what we can do.


Colour grading is the process of altering or correcting the balance of colour within a picture. From this year Zeehaen Films is thrilled to introduce colour grading to our studio, with DaVinci Resolve and a 24-inch High Definition broadcast display. With this cool equipment, we will digitally enhance your project to reach cinematic quality and compliment your desired aesthetic.



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